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permanent COSMETICS


We offer all permanent cosmetic procedures and other beauty services such as facial treatments, brow saline removal, paramedical tattoo and tiny tattoos. We thrive in providing a wide range of beauty treatments to cater to your wants and needs. We focus on ways to simplify your daily routine and cut time on getting ready everyday. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin with a few ways to enhance and bring out your natural beauty.





We have come a long way with permanent makeup, also called Micropigmentation. The technique is so much more natural and easily modifiable over time. We only go into the top dermal layer allowing the ink to lift over time. Our pressure is so much more lighter and the artist is more delicate in touch. This is why it is semi - permanent so ones your skin regenerates, the layer of ink that its sitting on top of your skin will lift and lighten over time. This is more ideal in today's modern world as we are constantly changing trend and style allowing you to modify or change the look to cope up with trend.  

Kristela has one goal in mind, to create the most natural and subtle appearance customised to suit your own style.  


"a.k.a." 3D hairs; the most natural look you can get. They appear dark at first but fade softer 35-40% from initial session.

People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from 3D Hair Strokes, as well as people who simply aren't happy with their eyebrows.

The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly into them.The results are natural, flawless, and fuller looking. Initially, the brows appear darker, but will fade slightly over a two week period. Pain is very minimal, topical numbing cream is applied to numb treatment area.The results can last anywhere up to 1 + years depending on age, lifestyle and how you care for them daily. We create the 3d strokes with the manual hand-tool which is disposable and will never jeopardise your health and safety. We use very high end quality products and pigments that are from either Europe or the USA and are FDA approved. We map your face to find symmetry and create the brow shape and style suitable to your shape of face and brow bone structure. Everyone is different and your brows should be unique customised just for you. 

Remember, brows are sisters and not twins. we are not made perfect as human beings and so brows are always going to be a little different on each side. We are here to help you make them look close to identical and to achieve a subtle and desirable look. 

NOT A CANDIDATE: Severely oily skin, acne skin, thinning skin, old tattoo cover-up. (a consult is recommended if you are unsure or have concerns. The brow artist can advise the best technique for you) 


Microblading + Shading. Gives you a powder brow look but with a few visible 3D hairs towards the beginning of your brows. 

Meet microshading, the brow technique’s softer, gentler little sister in the semi-permanent brow world. Traditionally, microblading is done by tattooing super fine lines throughout your entire brow to look like natural hairs. It can be used as a way to fill out super sparse brows, or add extra oomph for an even fuller look. The new combo technique combining microblading + shading is the same basic idea — permanent pigment applied to your arches, tail, brow lining with the use of teeny tattoo needles — but with a twist in technique. Suitable to someone who is looking for a more done up look similar to your brow pencil. If you want to just get up and go, this is perfect. But keep in mind that any form of permanent makeup is going to be "low maintenance and not no maintenance". You will find that even if you have perfect brows, you'll still need a little makeup on them to blend with your daily look. 

WHO IS A CANDIDATE: If you have old work that has slightly faded but want to modify the look and cover the old work, this is the perfect option for you. A consultation is recommended before you book this procedure so please text or email pictures of the current state of your brows so we can assess whether or not this is the right procedure. 


No Hairstrokes. It is my favourite procedure right now. It is soft, fluffy, and powdery. just fully shaded using a tattoo machine.  Modern brows and most popular in trend. It's a European technique that gives an illusion of powder makeup with visible pixels that softens the look. This technique is my absolute fav due to higher pigment retention and heals evenly. 

WHO IS A CANDIDATE: Have old work coverup. Wants a more done up look. loves fluffy looking full brows. Needs a little drama in her brow life. A consultation is recommended before you book this procedure so please text or email pictures of the current state of your brows so we can assess whether or not this is the right procedure. 


I offer 3 different Eyeliner techniques; Classic Eyeliner which we deposited ink under and above the lash line and a subtle wing at the tail end of the eyes. Then we have Luminous Eyeliner, which we do classic eyeliner and add an eyeshadow effect that gives you a natural makeup look. Great for someone looking to trim down makeup time and makes your eyes look bigger with a very classy look. The tail is longer with an ombre shadow effect. Third, we have Enhanced Lashline It's to simply look more awake with depositing pigment above lash line and under lash line only with NO WING. 

WHO IS A CANDIDATE: If you have old work, a consultation is recommended before you book this procedure so please text or email pictures of the current state of your eyeliner so we can assess whether or not we can correct or cover them. 


is a a beautiful and natural looking lip tint giving you an organic plump and fuller lip appearance. Custom blended color designed to give a beautiful lip tone. Pale Lips? Gray Lips? Uneven Lips? Loss of youth? Blush lips is the natural answer! If you have previously tattooed lips, you must contact me before booking to ensure you are a good candidate. Contouring enhances the shape of your lips for a perfect pout and fully defined cupid's bow and vermilion boarder. 

WHO IS A CANDIDATE: Anyone looking to define the shape of their lips, enhance the color of their lips, correct or cover dark lips caused by hyperpigmentation. For dark lips we need to assess the situation so please send pictures via text or email. Correction requires 2-3 sessions as we focus on lifting dark during your first session, and your second session we will go over it and apply the desired color of choice. 


IMPORTANT: For all or any permanent makeup procedure comes preparation or must be a candidate. We need to know a few things prior to considering or booking. If any of the information is a concern--please do not book yet and contact us prior. Thank you for your cooperation. 



For any procedure above; it is a 2 stage process. Initial session and a perfecting session done 5-8 weeks post 1st procedure. (We need to allow the skin to fully heal prior to adding, or going over our work again) Doing this will allow the work to retain longer and can last 1-2 years depending on Lifestyle, age, and how you care for them.

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