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NOT ELIGIBLE FOR Permanent Make Up

Diabetic, Pregnant or nursing, blemishes or pimples on or near the area of procedure, actively taking Acutane or Retin A (must stop for at least a month before procedure), botox within the last 3 weeks, any surgeries pertaining to the eyes in the last month, must be at least 18 years old, allergic to red dye or have many allergies to colorants, auto immune diseases and skin concerns like eczema, currently having the flu or common cold.

*Please read throughly, a non refundable deposit is required for all appointments. Any false claims will result in a cancellation and lost of deposit. If you have the Flu or the common cold at the time of your PMU (Permanent makeup ) appointment, it will be rescheduled and your deposit will be forfeited. I understand unforeseen unfortunates can happen and I’ll be happy to rectify any situation, how ever, any rescheduled or canceled appointment means that another one of my clients aren’t able to book with me for that preferred date. Everyone’s time is greatly valued.



Please refrain for at least 7 days prior to your appointment: VITAMIN E, FISH OIL CAPSULES, any form of FACIAL PEELS, EXFOLIANTS, BOTOX (2 weeks), WAXING, THREADING, TWEEZING OR ANY FORM OF HAIR REMOVAL. 

Please refrain for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment: ALCOHOL, ASPIRIN, or aspirin products such as BLOOD THINNERS, Advil, Aleve, Bufferin, Excedrin, Motrinand Nuprin.

PLEASE refrain on the day of your appointment: Caffiene.

*Arrive to your appointment with as much natural hairs possible I will shape and clean accordingly.




Please follow the detailed after care instructions and expectations sheet given to you after your appointment or email me for another copy.

For prospecting clients please expect to heal 1-2 weeks. During this time you may experience your brows going through different stages. After the initial session there may be slight redness or swelling, it will go down within 24 hours. After a couple of days your brows will become 30% darker, don’t panic, your skin is healing causing old skin and pigment to become darker (it will fade). Your brows will then become dry, itchy and flakey, it is very important to not pick at them or scratch, doing so may cause retention issues. After they have completely peeled they may seem 30% lighter than the initial session, give it a couple of weeks and your brows will come back to life! Any concerns can be fixed during your touch up appointment. Trust the process! Just about everyone goes through it.

Remember to avoid during your healing process: Water! unless cleansing as recommended. Excessive sun exposure, yes including tanning beds! Anything pertaining to sweat, steam or brow makeup (absolutely nothing but the ointment given, goes on your new brows). After you’ve completely peeled its ok to fill them in with a little powder. No peels or chemical exfoliants for at least a month after your session.


BOOKING: After booking and a non refundable deposit is placed a confirmation email will be sent. Please read Pre-care instructions, also stated above.

DESIGN: You can arrive with your brows filled in, but I will shape accordingly. I will evaluate and discuss expectations, goals and after care. I will map out your brows, once you confirm your satisfied with the shape we will begin with numbing in most cases.

TREATMENT: I will be numbing you through out as needed. I will then begin the procedure by implanting pigments with a blade or machine needle carefully inside the designated outline. 

AFTER CARE: We'll discuss the importance of after care and what is expected during the healing process. You’ll take home an after care kit with instructions. Any concerns you are welcomed to email or text me. You may also book your touch up with me after the procedure or can contact me anytime to book.

HEAL: It’s Healing time! Any concerns you may contact me but trust the process! and revert back to your after sheet before contacting.

TOUCH UP: The first touch up is NOT included. If you haven’t do so please book for your touch up, as it is highly recommended and sometimes mandatory in order to achieve the desired result. My weekends fill up fast! Book earlier to avoid a later appointment date. Given my past experience the majority of my clients have an amazing color retention and only a little touch up is needed. We like to access everyone individually as every skin heals differently. This option allows for you to pay for the services your getting, 1 appointment at a time.

FINAL TOUCH UP APPOINTMENT: During your touch up appointment, I will access how your skin healed, pigment retention etc. Discuss expectations and follow through with the procedure. You will follow the after care regimen again. Please check back to the services page for annual prices.


As a general rule and as explained, the patient should expect to book a maintenance appointment every 8-12 months.  With that said, some factors will affect fading more quickly for some versus others.  

These factors include but are not limited to the following:

  • Not taking proper care of procedure area after treatment.

  • Sunbathing or using sunbeds.

  • Using Retin A creams, or any other products that contain AHA’s, Glycolic or Vitamin A.

  • Certain skin treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

  • Certain skin conditions and or excessively dry/oily skin types.

  • Specific medications which are known to cause increased fading.

  • Excessive use of alcohol.

  • Swimming in chlorinated pools


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