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IMPORTANT: 2 days prior to your appointment, you must print and fill out the medical questionnaire form along with a COVID-19 liability release, and bring it with you day of your appointment.


If there are any contraindications that may prohibit us from performing permanent cosmetics...we must know immediately to move or cancel your session. Please click the link below to read our pre-procedure form prior to your appointment. It's important to follow this to the "T" in order to achieve the best results.  Contact us immediately if you need clarity or have any questions/concerns. Thank you! 


Prior to performing permanent makeup, we must know if you are a good candidate or not. Your health is very important to us, and we would never put you in harms way. Because this is a permanent cosmetics procedure, we go into the dermal top layer of the skin and anything can go wrong if not screened properly. Please be honest and if any contraindications apply to you, contact us immediately so we can assess the situation more closely. Thank you. 

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COVID-19 Liability release

We want to keep everyone safe. Please fill out and sign the covid-19 liability release prior to your appointment. Bring it with you so we can add this to your file. If you are not a candidate for the procedure at the day of your session, we will work on rescheduling your treatment. Thank you :)

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