Microblading masterclass

DAY 1- 10AM-5PM
  • Students will learn who is suitable for cosmetic tattoos and the potential risks of cosmetic tattoos.

  • The study of skin thickness; each part of the eyebrow area is made up of different skin thicknesses. Students will learn how thick and thin skin areas effects the overall healed results.

  • Step by step process on how to create soft crisp hair strokes.

  • Students will practice on banana’s, pigskin, and an orange to understand the skin depth of tattooing with the instructors guidance

  • Students will learn how to create feature flattering brows for each individual client. Kristela will be demonstrating her brow mapping technique and ruler system used to created symmetrical brows each time.

  • Students will have the chance to practice eyebrow mapping/shaping on each other and on pig skin. 

DAY 2 - 10AM-5PM

  • Students will learn about the needle configurations and what the uses are for each type of needle on the market.

  • Colour Theory; the importance of understanding each clients skin undertone. How to specifically choose the right colour for each client and how to perform color corrections on previous work.

  • Kristela will demonstrate brow mapping and microblading procedure on a model.

  • Sanitization demonstration; how to properly clean up and disinfect after a procedure.

  • Students will learn the importance of the proper hand placement and stretch for eyebrow tattooing.

  • How to handle bleeding clients and the proper use of topical numbing cream/gel 

DAY 3 - 10AM-2PM
  • Student will work with instructor on model under supervision and side by side. 

  • Healed results will be discussed and students will have an opportunity to review their technique receive feedback.

  • Kristela will demonstrate how she takes her photos and edits them for instagram.

  • Basic business knowledge and high level overview on how to get bookings and marketing techniques. 


Cost: $2750

Down: $500 (due via Venmo/Paypal)

Balance due: Cash/Cashiers Check

Whats included in your kit:

  • 10 Tattoo needles

  • Blue gel numbing

  • Pre-Numbing Lidocaine

  • 5 Monica Ivani Li pigments

  • 30 Pigment cups

  • Brow scissors

  • Tweezers

  • Ink tray

  • Pigment Rings

  • Ruler/ Curved Rulers

  • Brow Pencil

  • Skin marker

  • Practice skins

  • Spoolies

  • Microfibre brushes

  • PMU Cleansing Soap

  • Hustle Butter Aftercare

  • Brow mapping string


May - 27th-29th

***If you are interested in training but the dates above do not work our for you, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email to see if we can accommodate alternative dates. We also do 1:1 VIP Training Sessions for additional cost of $250.***

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