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Powder Brows near me
Soft Natural Brows



This course is designed for beginner artists wanting to learn the basics of Kristela's powder brow technique. Our powder brow is different from the rest because we want it to look soft, subtle, and natural when healed. No harsh lines, no dark heavy shading. We specialize in the European method with seamless blending so your clients will be happy from start to finish even after 1-2 years healed. 

Live Hands-On with your Instructor

Theory Hours + Hands-on Practical 

2 Days in Academy

Free extra day of Live Model Shadowing 

Full Starter Kit with Machine 

100% support by your instructor

Opportunity to watch Kristela work on a client for 1 day


Shaded/Ombre Brows - Natural powder

Skin Anatomy

Color Correction

Color Theory

Brow Mapping and design

Proper Sterilization & Sanitation

Best tools, products and equipment in the market 

Business and Marketing basics

UPCOMING TRAINING: March 18-19, APRIL 29-30, 2023

***Please send us a message if you are interested in this course so we can best assist on accommodation and future dates. Seats are limited first come for serve basis***

All courses are based on a 1;4 max ratio for one trainer 

You will be required to provide and work on 1 live model 1-4 weeks post training to be completed on your own while we shadow you. Kristela will then critique your work and give you the green light to begin working on your own without shadow.

 Total cost of Basic Powder Brows $2750. A deposit is required of $500 to secure your spot. Balance is due first day of class. Ones a deposit it placed, this guarantees you are attending and is non refundable. Our time is valuable so please be 100% sure you are committed prior to reserving your spot. Thank you!

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Kristela directly at 925.487.4773 or send us an email


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224 Crossroads Blvd. 

Tel: 925.487.4773

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