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Kristela Ink has customized a training program based on her knowledge and expertise in brow art design. After working on hundreds of eyebrows, she has learned how to overcome every obstacle there is in creating the perfect shape and color for each and every client base. It's important to understand the Fitzpatrick Scale and what's best for the clients natural skin and ethnic background. It is also important to understand their health history and know who is a perfect candidate for this procedure. She is very passionate about quality work and making sure her clients as well as students have the best experience.

lip blushing training

With an obsession on lip shaping and adding definition - she can't help but share this passion with others. This is the next best thing in the beauty industry. It's nothing compared to the old school lip tattooing where it looks very saturated in pigment and tends to shrink lip volume over time. This procedure is meant to make your lips look like a stained lip look, giving it a more softer, fuller, and healthier look to it. She likes to call it the candy lip fix. Adding this service to your brow studio will make a huge impact on the growth of your business.

bb glow academy

Learn a new technique that is rapidly growing in the US Market. BB Glow is a Korean Technique that is a micro needling treatment designed to camouflage skin concern while treating the problem. Kristela has partnered with BB Glow Academy as a Franchise owner in the California Region. To sign up, you can register at Masterclasses are hosted monthly and will provide class Information on social media and main BB Glow website. 1:1 Trainings are also available. Please contact us via email if you are interested in personal training.