Hello Bombshell Babe! My name is Kristela Keegan; a wife, mother of 3, and an entrepreneur at heart. I've always been passionate about health and beauty. After a decade working for the corporate world and a degree in business - I decided I'd open my own company in the aesthetics industry so I can help people feel good and confident about themselves; pour my heart into my work. My goal is to enhance your natural beauty utilizing today's modern technique in the semi permanent makeup world such as microblading, hybrid brows, ombre brows, lip tinting, and newest and greatest Korean Technique called BB Glow. (a semi permanent bb cream foundation) I use quality tools and products and will never jeopardize my clients health as well as post results. I take pride in my work and make sure you are 100% happy with my services. If its not perfect for you, I didn't do my job right. I want to make you look and feel gorgeous. There is nothing better then feeling confident and empowered. When you have that you can conquer the world. 

New services and technique

A a part of my determination to advance my skill set, I have added advanced techniques into my practice and will now be offering soft ombre shading to brows...very much like a powder effect. In addition, I have improved my skills in the art of lip blushing--Aquarelle lips is a light pixel pigment application giving that soft and natural baby lips look. Lastly, the demand for eyeliner has been very popular in my area, so I will be incorporating eyeliner with a light shadow smudged look. It heals very soft and natural adding definition and enhancing the natural contour of your eyes. 
I am honoring a portfolio promo of $250 for the top 10 who book. Limited time only! Prices will go up. 

Please contact me for more details and to book this promo. 

After 3 years of dedicating my life into the permanent makeup industry -- I've decided to start teaching everything I've learned to help other women change their lifestyle and grow their skill set. 

If you have a passion for beauty and want to help other women build confidence and look and feel beautiful, then this a perfect opportunity for you! 

I am highly trained and 7x certified by academy's in Europe, Russia, Vietnam, Canada, and USA. I will incorporate everything I've learned into my classes. 

For more information please visit our training page. You can also text or call me anytime at 925.487.4773. 

email: bombshellbeauty@kristelaink.com

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